Everything you need to use WP Theme Options

Create a new component

If you have any idea for new and powerful components, you can send us a ticket support and we will analyze your proposal, if we feel that is a good idea for our product we will implement it.

But you can create new updates, but after that be aware that you’ll need to change the core of the framework and compare the files every time you want to update it.

How to create a new component

First you should create an html output, open the file functions.elements.php, here is an example:

//Input Field
function fuseOptions_block_Text($name, $id, $value, $description, $show_title, $fold) {
  $output = '<div class="fuseElement'. $fold .'">';
    $output .= fuseOptions_returnName($name, $show_title);
	$output .= '<div class="fuserow">';
	  $output .= '<div class="fuse-col6">';
	    $output .= '<input type="text" id="'. $id .'" name="'. $id .'" value="'. $value .'">';
	  $output .= '</div>';
	  $output .= '<div class="fuse-col6">';
	    $output .= fuseOptions_returnDescription($description);
	  $output .= '</div>';
	$output .= '</div>';
  $output .= '</div>';
  return $output;

Then on the file functions.templating, here is an example:

case 'text':
  $output .= fuseOptions_block_Text($name, $id, $value, $description, $show_title, $fold);

It’s really easy to make it work, you just need to be sure that the function name and the type it’s different than the other components.