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Double text field

Illustrative image for the component output.

Illustrative image for the component output.

Defining in the Array

To insert this component on the Theme Options you’ll need to put the following code in the file functions.array.php.

$fuse_options[] = array(
  'name' => __('Double Text Field','textdomain'),
  'description' => __('Some description here (not mandatory)','textdomain'),
  'id' => 'themeoptions_doubletextID1',
  'std' => '',
  'type' => 'double_text'

How to use on your theme

Make sure you already defined the global variable in the file you want to use the Theme Options values (without this it won’t return the values):

global $fuseData;

After this, you just need to call the unique ID, for example:

echo $fuseData['themeoptions_doubletextID1'][0]; //first input value
echo $fuseData['themeoptions_doubletextID1'][1]; //second input value

Some ideas for you

This component can be used for multiple purposes, we highly recommend for this ones:

  • Google Coordinates
  • First / Last Name